Top 5: Skin and Hair Essentials for Cold Weather


Northwestern fall and winter are a dry-skinned girl's worst nightmare. The air is cold and often dry, sucking all the moisture from your pores and follicles. Multiply that power by 100 every time an icy blast of wind hits your face and hands. Throw the ever-present threat of rain into the mix, and your hair is at risk of becoming a fluffy mess. I have naturally sensitive and dry skin prone to redness and flaking, plus curly/wavy hair that easily frizzes at the first sign of misty rain. Basically, I'm screwed.

But fear not! I have discovered some products that make this time of year bearable. In fact, my hair and skin even (dare I say it)... look good most days. Hot damn!

These are my top 5, "always-haves" for fall/winter. Click the picture to purchase.

1) EOS lip balm Umm how cute are these little eggs of delicious lip balm? They are organic, taste yummy, the perfect balance of shine and matte, and keep my lips moisturized and soft for several hours at a time. Plus, the unique shape is easy to find when I am rummaging in my purse and trying to watch the road. (Not recommended).

2) Udderly Smooth Udder Cream This was part of a Christmas gift I received last year. The name cracks me up, but it works quite well. My hands used to get so dry that they would crack and bleed (gross) and this cream saves them. It has an OK smell and absorbs quickly, but the real magic is how it will keep your hands softy-soft and smooth even in the dead of winter.

3) Exuviance Ultra Restorative Crème I am a die-hard Exuviance loyalist. All their products work great, but this is one of my faves. I use this every night, sometimes for day as well under my makeup. It soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin while improving texture and sun damage/ scars, smoothes fine lines and even helps with light acne. BOOM- miracle.

4) Argan Oil This is the single best treatment I have used on my hair ever. Not exaggerating. I use a small drop of 100% pure argan oil on my damp hair post-shower and it is sooo soft, markedly less frizzy and has a lovely sheen without looking greasy.

5) Coconut Oil My all-around champ. I can put this on my hair, body, face, hands, and throw it in a stir fry (Ok don't get weird- I have one jar for cooking and one for beauty). I dab it around my eyes, lips and smile lines as a night cream. I rub a touch into the tips of my hair when it seems especially parched. It is my nightly hand moisturizer, and my after-shower lotion. Bonus- It's made from something FOUND IN NATURE. Maybe I could make my own coconut oil if I just lived somewhere with coconut trees... Double bonus- it has a delectable light coconut smell. Your dude will think you smell like Hawaii. Scoresville.


 *Just to be clear, all opinions here are my own. I did not receive any payment for including these products on my list.