Fall Colors: Outfit Inspiration

I am not a fashion blogger. I'm more confident in the kitchen than I am in my closet. That's why I've decided to occasionally post about, well, fashion.

This blog is about Northwest life, and clothing is a big part of culture. I mean, we wear it every day (most of us) and it is one way we express ourselves. Plus, I'd say we definitely have a unique style up here in the top left corner of the U.S., which I will most likely post about some time.  I just want you to know, I am no expert here.

I have, however, watched "What Not to Wear" and "The Rachel Zoe Project" in their entirety, and do truly enjoy fashion. My evenings are often spent online "window shopping" my dream wardrobe (I should probably be embarrassed about that huh...). I surprisingly follow far more fashion blogs than I do any other genre of blogs. That makes me, like, an expert right? ;)  Therefore, I will do outfit posts periodically to 1) learn to "shop my closet" efficiently and utilize what I have 2) be more creative with my outfits and not be such a pansy in a clothing rut 3) get better at dressing myself.

Basically this is one big learning experience right here. Be gentle.

That being said, let's get to the point. I was driving around the lake the other day (I live on a lake, it's sweet), just taking in the slate grey of the lake, golden leaves and evergreen trees. I was so inspired by the colors I thought I should try to create outfits using that palette.

Both are outfits I could absolutely wear. I would ditch the beanie and add tights to make the skirt look work appropriate, but as is I could wear this out for a casual lunch or shopping date. The pants and sweater look is perfect for a day of teaching. By the way, that emerald "skirt" is actually a dress, but I like that I can layer it with a top and belt to make it act like a new piece. I'd like to try this mustard cardi with a plum sweater dress and thin belt, maybe black booties too? This "experiment" has already inspired me to try new combos!

Are you ever inspired by the colors in nature to create outfits? What inspires you?

PNW Fall Colors outfits


Sweater:Forever21 Tee:Old Navy Pants:Forever21 Flats:Old Navy Necklaces:Forever21

Top:Forever21 Belt:Fred Meyer Dress:Forever21 Beanie:gift, unknown Boots:Delia's