DIY: Almost-New-Mommy-Kit-in-a-Jar

Are all your friends having babies? Or getting married? Mine are, and it's so fun! I guess it means that we're all getting older, but it also means we are entering a new and exciting chapter in life.

With all these wonderful events comes showers, which means gifts. One of my good friends just had a shower this weekend. I'd already gotten her gift well in advance (baby stuff is just fun to shop for!) but I had the idea to add this little "mommy" kit in a jar to it. I got a 12 pack of quart size mason jars for $10 at Target, which is a great deal at less than a $1  per jar. Originally I planned to use them for storing things in my pantry, but since my pantry plan has changed, I will be using them to make gifts this winter (stay tuned for some DIY Christmas gifts coming soon!)

I found everything in this kit at the dollar store, believe it or not. It was fun picking out what would go in the jar. I was thinking, "what might a new mom need?" There's sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and baby wipes for clean up, a protein bar for energy, gum for bad breath, hair ties and a brush for bad hair days, etc. If I was to do this again, and I probably will, I'd add a pretty lip gloss or mascara, maybe a Starbucks card too. You could totally make this jar your whole gift with the addition of a gift card to wherever the couple is registered. The lid of the jar was just not fitting with everything stuffed in there, so I left it inside the bag- that way she could reuse the jar. The note I attached with twine is about "stars" because her shower theme was "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Cute right!? I hope this inspires you to DIY a gift in a jar soon!

DIY Almost Mommy Kit in a Jar

DIY Almost Mommy Kit in a Jar

DIY Almost Mommy Kit in a Jar

DIY Almost Mommy Kit in a Jar

DIY Almost Mommy Kit in a Jar

DIY Almost Mommy Kit in a Jar

DIY Almost Mommy Kit in a Jar

DIY Almost Mommy Kit in a Jar


Mason Jar, quart size (at least)

Mini hand sanitizer

Hairbrush + hair ties

Antibacterial wipes

Baby wipes


Protein bar

Manicure set

Lip balm

Ibuprofen travel packets


Note card

Pretty Pen

Stuff everything in the jar. Write note and attach with twine to jar. Make a pretty bow. Voila!

Additional ideas for jar: lip gloss, mascara, Starbucks card, gift card wherever registered, granola bar, mints