Almost Black Friday + My Christmas List

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 2 DAYS!?!? I'm SO excited this year for Thanksgiving, can you tell!? The older I get the more I look forward to spending a day with family and friends, eating great food and relaxing. Plus, this year my football team is playing our most hated rivals on Thanksgiving *cough* Go Hawks *cough*... which should be a great game to watch (I hope at least!).

I am ecstatic about Thanksgiving, but I'm also excited for Black Friday. I am not a  die hard shopper who sleeps outside a store all night long, just so they can get a good deal. I do, however, scour the internet that morning, hunting down deals on gifts while I sip my coffee. I may venture out to a few stores this year, but most of what I need I can get online just as easily.

The official start to the holiday season has me not just thinking about what all my family and friends want for Christmas, but what I want too. Since Kris and I were overwhelmingly blessed from the wedding and my shower, I really don't need much, but since this is a wish list... here is what I'm wanting for Christmas*:

1) Over the Knee Boots- I have so many beautiful boots but none over the knee. Love these and this flat version.

2) Minimalist Watch- I have a few watches and wear them with everything. I feel like they add a classy touch to outfits and for my job, it's practical. Two of my faves are this tortoise shell one and this in rose gold.

3) Cat Eye Sunglasses-Hey, sometimes it's sunny here in winter, and it's super bright! I just might need to whip out a pair of sunnies!! I'm obsessed with the cat eye lately. Love these and this funky pair.

4) Black Purse- How is it I do not own a black purse currently. Please remedy this. Cheap and cute or quality investment piece.

5) Buffalo Plaid- Just everything plaid. Particularly dig this peacoat and this basic button down.

6) Tunic Sweaters- For over leggings or skinnies, half-tucked into boyfriend jeans, and hiding your food baby at holiday parties. There are some days when all you can do is throw on a long, comfy sweater, and I need more of such sweaters in my rotation. Need this one with every fiber of my being, this is cute too and this fun patterned option.

7) Camel Skater Skirt- This is kind of specific, but I just really love them and think I could wear it in so many ways. The key is finding one that is a flattering length and fit on my body; basically doesn't make me look like a stump but still is work-appropriate. Cute and cute, but look too short. Still on the hunt for this one...

8) Label Maker- Will someone just get me a label maker so I can label the crap out of everything!? Thanks. This will do  or this.

9) Kitten- Kris and I are exploring the idea of getting a kitty after Christmas!! We have a lot to do in order to prepare for a kitten, but keep your fingers crossed! I may or may not be picking out names already... Any cute cat name ideas for me?

*As per usual, please feel free to purchase any and all of the items on this list and send them promptly my way. Gracias.

As a final thought, you cannot see the meme I used as my "homepage" image, so here it is..

Will you be Black Friday shopping? I'm curious to know who braves the crowds, who does the online/ Cyber Monday thing or skips it altogether!