Thanksgiving Weekend Round-Up

What better way to close out the holiday weekend than with a round-up of pictures? First, let's start with Thanksgiving's ootd...

I told you in a previous post that Kris and I went to two Thanksgivings this year. Both are very casual, so I could have gotten away with wearing my Hawks jersey and yoga pants, but I wanted to be a tad more adventurous than that. I'm still sporting my blue and green and am super comfy- just a bit more dressed up. I love the combo of a statement necklace + flannel + boyfriend jeans, and I layered with a thin sweater and vest for extra warmth. I slipped on my favorite flats because I knew I wouldn't be keeping my shoes on. Plus, I like the way they look with these looser jeans.

casual holiday outfit
casual hoiday outfit

P.S.- Thanksgiving was the first time I actually had Kris take my outfit pictures (normally it's just yours truly and a timer). He was cracking me up the whole time! By the way, he really didn't like the sweater over the flannel because the sweater was thinner than the shirt (?). The vest, however, made it all better. I walked upstairs with the vest on and he goes, "oh, that's way better. Now it all works." So we had to snap a few more pics with the vest. I'll never understand.

Black Friday I hit up Old Navy online (ridiculous sale this year!! I had to practice lots of self control) and went to Target in person at about 10. Kudos to everyone who looks cute shopping on Black Friday, but I'm more about comfort in this scenario. Running tights, old Ugg knockoffs, men's Cakeface sweatshirt and a Burton beanie was about as good as it was gonna get. Hey, what matters is I made a major dent in my Christmas shopping!

casual outfit

Saturday I put out my Christmas décor! I still need to get a tree and a few other things, but it's coming together.

winter blue, green and white display
Gold and white winter display

This pic of my new platter/ candles/ Christmas owl doesn't do it justice! It's perfect in person!

Sunday (umm.. today), we got and decorated our tree. I have a mild obsession with Christmas ornaments- decorating the tree is like a religious experience for me. It's so fun pulling out each ornament and remembering the story behind them. Most of my unique ornaments were given to me by my mom, who has a similar (more intense) obsession with Christmas décor. Can't wait to add to my collection this year!

Christmas tree

And yes, that is wrapping paper in the background. I may or may not be already wrapping presents...

We did something else today. I don't want to put too much out there in case things fall through... but let's just say one of my Christmas wishes may come early this year!! Fingers crossed!

Now it's time to do a little work, watch Walking Dead and make dinner (I have something good in the works for ya!) ;)