Top 5: Clothes for Cold Weather

Winter is fast approaching in Western WA. We've had a couple days of beautiful weather, but it seems like every day gets colder and colder. This turn towards chillier temps has me thinking about my must-have pieces for when it gets REALLY bad. There are places with more brutal winters, but we certainly get our fair share of nastiness here. Wind, rain, sleet, snow- we got it, and have to be ready for it all, often in the same day. I've made a list of the things (I think) you've gotta have to get through a Northwest winter. Click the pics for more info! Oh, and if anyone feels generous and wants to buy me everything on this list, go right ahead. Just sayin'.

1) Hats, Scarves, Gloves Never underestimate the power of these seemingly miniscule pieces. We lose a lot of body heat through our heads, so adding a chunky knit cap to your ensemble will keep you toasty. A nice pair of water resistant gloves and a cozy scarf not only look cute, but will also help insulate against cold air. The gloves below are just like mine, and I sooo want the hats and scarf! There is no such thing as too many hats and scarves (it's a fact).

2) Midweight, Softshell Hooded Jacket This is a pretty specific "must have," but in my opinion, it might be the most important one. The right jacket will keep you warm and dry no matter what nature throws at you. A midweight is nice because it provides a little extra warmth on cold days without being too heavy for warmer days. The hood is kind of a no-brainer, since it could go from clear skies to rain at pretty much any moment. It's the jacket I grab almost daily on my way out the door. Mine is black, but I love the brightly colored ones!

3) Heavy Parka So I just got done talking up that other jacket, but there are times when you need something heavier. It might seem like we don't get snow here, but oh- we do. It may only be for a day or two some years, but it's enough to justify having a thick, warm coat. Besides, the Eastern side of WA has very snowy winters. And what about days when you are just cold to the bone? That can't be just me, right? I like a longer length parka in a neutral that works with everything, with a hood (duh) and some sort of cozy lining.

4) The 4F's- Fleece, Flannel, Faux Fur What else are you gonna wear under those jackets? Cool plaid flannels can be dressed up with boots/ skinnies or down with boyfriend jeans/ mocs, and a comfy fleece is easy to throw on when you are running errands. Faux furs are warm and add rich texture to an outfit. Furry jackets and vests are big this season, but if that's too dramatic for you, fur accents like a scarf or fur-collared coat are easily wearable (black coat!?! I die).

5) Snow Boots Keep those little feets warm!! When my feet are cold, I am miserable. A waterproof snow boot is good for everything from rainy days to snow. Hell, they are cute enough to wear on sunny days. The tan boots are on my list for this winter, but the chocolate brown or olive is adorable too.