Pinterest and Pattern Mixing: Outfit Inspiration

I'm pretty sure you live under a rock if you haven't heard of Pinterest by now. Pinterest is an amazing resource for all kinds of things- cool DIY projects, decorating ideas, recipes and outfits to name a few.

Thing is, how many of those pins do you ACTUALLY do? I try a lot of the recipes I pin, but things like clothing ideas not as much. I'll pin an outfit, thinking "Oh! Cute!" and then.... that's it. More often than not, it makes me want to buy more clothes (not necessarily a bad thing, right?). Today I wanted to take a few of my clothing pins and attempt to recreate them from my closet.

I realized after putting these outfits together that I'm doing a very subtle mixing of patterns in both looks. I'm honestly such a weirdo about mixing patterns in outfits... I love when others do it, but when I try it, I look like I dressed in the dark. These outfits are a happy medium between solids and prints, which is maybe why I like them. Consider this as me "dipping my toe" into the mixed-patterns pool.

I love this inspiration photo. What's so cool to me is that it's only a portion of the outfit; your mind is left to imagine what the rest looks like. And c'mon, polka dot tights? Too cute. I could potentially wear this to work. Dress:Target Tights: Target Boots:BCBG Blanket Scarf:Ebay

I wouldn't think stripes and leopard work together, but I love it! This is a sweater over a dress (because it's freezing), and while I like the overall look, it was a bit lumpy under the sweater in person. I may have to try it with a different sweater or jacket next time. Sweater:Anne Klein Dress:Old, Unknown Scarf:TJ Maxx Boots:Target

Do you pin a lot of outfits only to forget about them? Or do you actually use them as outfit inspo? And how do you feel about mixing patterns- in or out?

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