Walking Dead Survival Wishlist

Well, the power's out in my neighborhood. And it's been out for... 16 hours now. I'm posted up at a Starbucks with about 30ish other people, bumming Wi-Fi while ever so slowly sipping our lattes, so we can justify sitting here for hours on end. This makes me realize how utterly dependent we are on the power grid. I can't cook anything, make coffee, turn on the heat, take a hot shower, connect to the internet, and basically do anything at all from my house right now. My utter helplessness in the face a piddly power outage makes my mind wander to Walking Dead (which I am missing terribly right now) and what I would need to survive in a world sans electricity, Wi-Fi and (gasp!) coffee shops.

1) Combat boots- These boots are made for walking. Actually, they were made for combat I think... hence the name, right? Also for curb-stomping zombies and other unsavory characters.

2) Camo- Isn't this kind of a given? I don't imagine many people sporting neon in the apocalypse. Like, are you asking to get shot or eaten?

3) Furry Parka- I'm just obsessed with furry parkas, I admit. It makes sense though!! No heat=giant, warm coats. Walking Dead is lucky they're based in the south. In zombie-apocalypse Washington, we would all be bundled up like the Michelin Man.

4) Fire Starter- I think I need this handy tool in real life. We all know fire is everything (until of course you find shelter in an abandoned prison).

5) Water bottle- Do I need to explain this? It's like fire, people.

6) Knife- For cutting things and deftly stabbing stray zombies through the head (just saying, it could happen).

7) Spices- We are not savages! We may be faced with no power, but I will not stand for a world with no spice!

8) Coffee + Cute Mug- I would be a literal mess without coffee. How does everyone on Walking Dead survive? I like to think someone is toting around a French Press and they've looted a cache of coffee, we just don't see it on the show. But, that's just me.