Last-Minute Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

CHRISTMAS IS IN 5 DAYS. Can you believe it? Where did this month go? I've barely had time to do much Christmas-y stuff. Normally by now, I'm all done shopping, finished my Christmas baking, and watched a zillion Christmas movies. This year I've barely done any of those things.

So if you're like me, you've got a lot of Christmas to squeeze into 5 days. I told myself I wasn't gonna do a gift guide (like every other blogger in the world) but it was just too tempting! Here's some inspiration for last-minute gifts/ stocking stuffers for him and her, and everything's under $30!

I would personally use everything on this guide. How much do you love the tee from Victoria's Secret? (I've actually been asked this question and similar ones at work. Maybe why I <3 it so much).

Ugh. Why are guys so hard to shop for!? I always have the worst time figuring out what to get for the men in my life. I tried to include a little something for everyone here (quite honestly, I would love to receive any of these gifts as well).

I'm off to catch up on my baking and Hallmark Christmas specials. Happy Saturday!