Christmas Eve + Lipstick that Lasts (Seriously)

Merry Chistmas Eve!!! I'm so excited for Christmas I can't even tell you. I'm getting ready to head out for Christmas Eve service and then to my in-law's Christmas, but first a quick Christmas OOTD! Because I'm in luuuurrrrv with this skirt from Old Navy (are you surprised) and I thought I'd share how I get lipstick to stay put (seriously).

I snapped this skirt up yesterday while doing some last second shopping. I happened to pop into ON (my addiction is kind of a problem) and they are having RIDIC sales on everything. I've been searching for a plaid skirt that wasn't too tight/short/long/bulky foreverrr and I took a chance with this guy (it paid off). It's so soft, has pockets (!) and it's a great navy/green plaid. I'm in love.

T shirt:Old Navy Skirt:Old Navy Heels:Old Navy Tights:Unknown Necklace:Forever 21, Old Coat:Nordstrom, Old

OK! Lips! Now, I am not a makeup guru at ALL. Most days I wear a very minimal amount of makeup. I just enjoy it. Lately I've been obsessed with dramatic lip colors for the holidays, especially dark wine and plums. Thing is, they tend to wipe off on everything, or bleed, or fade immediately. Here's how I get a dark lip to STAY PUT. I've done this trick for a long night out and only touched up once to freshen the color, it wasn't even truly needed. It lasts through food, drinks, even working out. Give it a try and let me know whatcha think!

1) Exfoliate. Elf Lip exfoliator is AMAZE and worth all $4. Follow up with a touch of lip balm if you want to super moisturize (you do). Let it soak in a few minutes.

2)Line. I use cheapy Wet & Wild colors, like Chestnut, and they work fine in this instance. I also over line a touch under the center of my bottom lip- it gives that "my lips are so full they're spilling over" look. Fill in the whole lip.

3)Lipstick. Wet & Wild's matte colors are gorgeous. I think my current favorite is Cherry Bomb, which is a gorgeous deep reddish, plummy color. I found it for 95 CENTS at Winco. It's a popular dupe for MAC's Sin. I die. So, do your lipstick thing.

4) Blot. Good ol' T.P. is fine. (...toilet paper. Just in case).

5) Red Powder. What reeeeally seals the deal (Ha! See what I did there?). This NYX Primal Colors powder in hot red is the closest thing I could find to Makeup For Ever's red powder in 001 (I think that's it?). All you do is pat this powder all over your lips. It won't turn your lips bright red, but it sets the color and if you let I sink in a bit, will keep your "lips on" for hourssss. At least, it does for me.


Merry Christmas everyone!!