Christmas 2014, Year of the Tunic + Blue Scarf

It's the last day of the year! Can you evennn. I'm sort of in denial that it's really here. 2014 was a huuuuge year- engaged, wedding, marriage, grad school. And no, no idea what we are doing for NYE tonight. this night is always an afterthought for me... so much thought and planning goes into Christmas that New Year's gets lost. Then I'm left on December 29th going, "oh crap, ummm what are we doing for New Year's?" It's whatevs.  

Anyway, I'm not going to post EVERY single thing I got for Christmas in one shot, but I thought this Christmas had a definite theme- tunic sweaters (all cowl necks too!) and various blue scarves. I wished for long sweaters awhile ago, and am thrilled to have these beauties hanging in my closet. They're my new "Ugh what am I gonna wear" go-to pieces.

Sweater:Vintage Suzie Scarf:Unknown Tights:Marshall's Boots:Target

Sweater:Old Navy Scarf:Unknown Tights:Marshall's Boots:TJ Maxx

Sweater:Old Navy, Girls department Vest:Old Navy Scarf:Unknown Booties:Old Navy

The blue scarves kill me. Apparently everyone thinks I should be wearing blue! I wouldn't normally gravitate to these colors on my own, but I'm surprised at how much I like them. I plan to have all of these scarves on heavy rotation for the next few months.

Enjoy this last day of 2014 friends! I have fun things planned for January ;) Cheers to the new year and everything it has in store!