Jumpstart January 2015: Resolutions

Here it is! 2015! I know a lot of you out there have made resolutions for the new year. Maybe it's to lose weight, or get organized, or maybe it's to just stop eating Christmas cookies for dinner (... no comment). Since January is such a big month for fresh starts and new beginnings, I thought it would be fun to do a "health and wellness" themed month! That means my recipes, my outfits (most of them.. unfortunately I can't wear workout gear ALL the time, as much as I wish...), and other fun tidbits I have up the old sleeve-o (not a thing huh..) will be centered around healthy living/ fitness/wellness in some way. I'm SO PUMPED for Jumpstart January.***

I've mentioned a few times that I work in community nutrition. You might not see it from most of my recipes (HAH) but I do know a thing or two about nutrition and healthy eating. Currently, my job mainly consists of teaching 10 year olds things like "what goes in what food group" and "water is important." I love it and it's essential for kids to learn, however it doesn't make me stretch my nutrition knowledge, ya know?

All that to say, make me stretch my mind! :) Ask me questions! Give me favorite recipes to makeover! Tell me workouts you've always wanted to try!

I'm getting a little too excited, but seriously I want to make this as valuable for you all as possible. Weee!!

PPSSSSSTT: Do you love those crazy workout leggings!? They're from Old Navy and currently on sale!

If you care, here are my "resolutions":

1) Get my hair cut and colored. It's gross.

2) Get back on my workout schedule (the holidays did me in this year).

3) Get back to cooking healthy foods and doing more meal prep (see above).

4) Organize the pantry for real.

5) Throw away/ give away all the junk.

6) Get my home office/ gym under control.

7) Find a fantastic new podcast since Serial (and subsequently, my life) is over.

Hold me to it guys.

*** What do you think of "Jumpstart January?" It's the best I could come up with. I was searching "fitness words that start with J" and the first one I found was Jogger's Nipple. Yes that's real. So, it was slim pickin's.

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