Work//Play//Day//Night: Leather Leggings

I've had this idea brewing in the back of my head for weeks now, and I'm finally taking a stab at it. If you like the concept, let me know! I might make this a regular feature on the blog.

Ok, it's like this: I used to have set wardrobe "categories"- my work clothes, my fun clothes, my dress up clothes, my gym clothes. The stood alone from each other and also took up a lot of freakin' space. As I've gotten older, I find more and more I need pieces that will work in multiple ways for my life; items that will transition from work to play, from day to night. So, I decided to take one article of clothing and attempt to create one outfit for the four major clothing "situations" I find myself in: work, play, day, night.

Here's how I define each category:

Work- Your job. Different jobs require different dress codes, but I believe all work wear should at least be professional and well put-together.

Play- Fun things. Outfits in this category should be appropriate for a weeknight dinner out or happy hour, or even a shower or casual party.

Day- The most laid-back. Something you could run a day of errands in.

Night- Date night clothes. You'd be comfortable going out to a fancier dinner or a classy bar in this.

First challenge: leather leggings. The last few years leather leggings have been gaining in popularity, but I've felt a bit shy about trying them. I finally gave in when I found this Jessica Simpson pair at Marshall's for $10. Turns out they are very comfortable and have a beautiful matte leather finish that looks more expensive than they were!

As much as I've fallen in love with these leggings, be forewarned- they WILL draw attention to your legs! If you are uncomfortable bringing attention to your lower half but still want to try this trend, my suggestion would be to pair the leggings with a top that hits below the hip and has some sort of lovely color, pattern or detailing that will bring the eye up from your legs. That being said, they seem to be quite flattering on thin legs and curvy legs alike!


I don't think leather leggings would go over well in elementary schools where I work, but they could be perfect for someone in a more creative field. Since leather leggings can be a statement on their own, I paired them with my J. Crew Schoolboy herringbone blazer, a black collared tunic from Old Navy and black pointy low wedges from Target to keep it from being too "loud" for an office environment.


I love the leather and chambray shirt together with a plain white tee underneath. My black Old Navy booties work in many different occasions and are great for wearing all day, and a colorful scarf adds some interest. Chambray shirt and tee are Old Navy, scarf is TJ Maxx.


I might not choose leather leggings to run errands in, but I wouldn't mind if I had this oversized graphic sweatshirt and Keds sneakers on as well. I love clothes with funky prints and graphics, like this short-sleeved sweatshirt from Choies. I wear beanies all the time when it's cold and I gotta rep my team (go Hawks!).


Animal print and leather feel so right together, especially for night. This Old Navy sweater from a few years ago, plus a chunky statement necklace from Cookie Lee and my trusty old BCBG black pumps make my perfect date night outfit. Oh, and the wind was picking up, hence the hand-in-hair shots.

What do you think of this Work//Play//Day//Night concept? I love your feedback!

Happy Blue Friday :)