Wellness Wishlist for Jumpstart January

Soooo... remember last Friday when I was like "Oh em geeee I was so busy with life this week blah blah blah"? Yea, it's like that again. The weekend was lovely and relaxing, but here we are on Tuesday and I'm pooped. Or poped, as I've typed approximately three times now.

Yesterday I was so out of it I drove basically all the way home from work with my sunglasses on. It was foggy, people. Like I can only see 10 feet ahead fog. And I was the crazy lady with her shades on. Lord help me.

So I've been home for 45 minutes, I managed to change into PJ's because what else do you wear around the house, and I've committed to chill the rest of the evening. Which means bloggy things.

I'm kind of getting into Polyvore (how many years late am I to THIS). It's basically collaging without the messy glue and cutting and whatnot. I stuck with my January "theme" of health and wellness and put together a set of things that I would love to get my hands on.

Indoor Herb Garden- I miss having fresh herbs growing on my deck in summer. They spruce up any dish. If you live somewhere with cold falls and winters like me, we can still have those delish fresh herbs with indoor gardens! This one is awesome but pricey, this one's more reasonable but still neat.

Workout Jacket- I would wear cute jackets like these all the time, and yes probably for working out too. Cute ones here and here.

Kettlebells- I mean... I have dumbbells, which you can use as a kettlebell. But, it'd be nice to have the real thing. And I need new free weights cuz I'm just soooo buff. Cool cuz it's red and not colorful but does its job.

Graphic Tank- Somewhat sarcastic or witty tank tops. I dunno why, but I heart them and they make me like working out even more. Love this classic movie reference or this tough girl one.

Compression shorts- Compression is my new bff. It's so snug (....as a bug in a rug.) Shorts for summer are needed, like these or these.

Nike shoes- I love Nikes. They fit my awkwardly thin feet and high arches well. Sadly, my current pair was stained by the (oh so glorious) red dirt in Maui. That's my excuse for a new pair. Cute and super awesome.

Baggy sweats- I noticed the other day doing laundry that I no longer own baggy sweats. Comfy flannel jammies- check. Tight workout pants- check. I kind of feel like I should have pants that are baggy like jam-jams but still socially acceptable at the grocery store, no? Like these or even these.

Water bottle- A water bottle that is essentially an adult sippy cup. Yes.

Resistance bands- This would just be nice to have as a different option when I do weight training. These look high quality but $$ and these would also work.

Snow shoes- Snow shoeing is neato! I would love to have my own pair to go trek about in.

Fitness tracker band- I've thought about getting one for years but held off. I've heard mixed reviews, but I'm so tempted to try one, like this or this.

That's all I got folks! Have a lovely evening, and please excuse me as I assist my poor feline who is honestly crying because I stopped playing fetch (This cat loves fetch. I'm becoming convinced she is actually a dog in disguise).