Rainy Day Favorites

Y'all, it's been a tough two days. Personal, family stuff. What helps me deal is keeping my normal routine as much as possible. So, even though I'm pretty down, I want to keep on keepin' on with the ol' blog shtuff.

The weather outside is frightful. For real. It's been pretty pleasant (considering it's the end of January) but today it just turned. Rain and wind and cold is the forecast of the day. Even so... sometimes I just want to get out there. After being indoors for so long I start feeling cooped up and need to breathe fresh air.

This jacket, pants and hat are some of my absolute favorites when I'm doing something active outdoors. My favorite thing about these pants is the reflective strip on each ankle; perfect for running or walking along roads, even when it's dark. You know where I got 'em? Forever21. Not somewhere you'd expect to find good workout clothes, but they've got great stuff for cheap. The hat is from Burton. I originally got it for snowboarding, but now I  wear it everywhere. It's lined with soft fleece on the inside so I stay extra warm. Plus, who doesn't love a bright pink beanie?

This jacket is all-around amazing. I'm a big fan of Columbia products- they are great quality at an excellent pricepoint. It's rainproof, warm without being stifling, and is lined with a nice thin fleecey material. It features a hood (so necessary) that is the perfect size and designed with a slight "bill" (almost not even noticeable) that aids in protecting your face from rain. The sleeves are even contoured to protect the top our your hand without going over your palms. Seriously, I could go on. This is a workhorse of a jacket.

What's even better is it's on a CRAZY sale on Amazon! It's half the price I paid right now. Click the link below for this exact jacket (and now it's available in beautiful colors! AGH! How do I justify owning two of the same jacket...)

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TGIF friends!- Rachelle