Seasons of Love

Ohhh Valentine's Day. You know it's like, two weeks away yea? I guess that's not all THAT soon, but I love Valentine's Day<333 This year is especially fun because it's my first V-Day as a married woman (weeee!!) so Kris and I want to do something special. No idea what yet... but we're thinking about it, and that's half the battle or whatever right? Right. The separation is in the preparation.

Valentine's Day: Skirt and boots- Forever21, Blazer- JCPenney, T shirt- Old Navy, necklace- EBay

Valentine's Day: Skirt and boots- Forever21, Blazer- JCPenney, T shirt- Old Navy, necklace- EBay

I know a day focused around celebrating lurrrv bums some people out. I get it. I had many of those holidays too. But you know what, Valentine's isn't just about your romantic interests. I like to think it's about celebrating and lifting up those that you love and cherish- your fam, friends, pets, coworkers, whatevs! You know what, even yourself. So this holiday, I want to encourage y'all to think not just about where you're going out to dinner or if your date's bringing flowers, but reach out and let someone else know they are loved too. Spread all that love everywhere!! And I bet you'll feel good doin' it. That's MENTAL wellness peeps.

So anyway, This is one potential outfit for February 14th. I'm just in love with the wine color of the skirt and those booooootss agggghhh droooollll. I've been hunting for OTK boots for millennia (that's hyberbolic, yes). I'm picky and I just kept waiting around for the right pair to smack me in the face. These did! And where are they from? FOREVER21. C'mon, right? I was skeptical, but they had such outstanding reviews I thought, for $45 (yes!) I have to at least give 'em a go. And here we are! They are a pretty good copy of the Stuart Weitzman "Highland" boot. I love the quality, the grey suede and that they are technically thigh highs. The heel isn't too tall or too short and very chunky (translation: stable). Get ready to see these pretty much all spring. Unfortunately, they only shortly came back in stock before selling out again. BUT! I will link to some other tall boots that I would happily make room for in my closet.

Happiest of nights to you <3- Rachelle

Cool tall boots and stuff- click the pics to shop!! :)

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