Wednesday {Randoms} Round-Up

Hey there.

I have to take two seconds and whine about HOW FREAKING TIRED I am today. Why??? Why can I not sleep lately? I could blame many things I am sure, but anyway. It's the pits.

This is definitely a hodge podge of things from the last few weeks, some of which you may have seen on Instagigs (you like that? Came up with it myself. I call it that secretly in my head. Don't try to make sense of it), some of which are brand new. BTW- do you follow my Insta? WHY NOT (just kidding it's ok but you should).

First off, my discovery of Justin's Maple Almond butter "snack packs." Why have I not tried these before? They are divine, and actually give me lasting energy without upsetting my tummy (sometimes protein bars do that). I'm in love! Oh, and Hintfizz water is yummy too. No artificial sweeteners (yay), just a hint of flavor and fizz. If you like seltzer water, you'll probably dig this.

More recent fave foods. Get ready for the yummiest light lunch or snack ever: Pecan Nut Thins, half a Pink Lady apple, and bits of Gjetost cheese. 10 points if you know how that is actually pronounced. I discovered this cheese in college during a cheese tasting lesson (that's what nutrition majors do- jealous?). ;) I saw it randomly at Safeway (of all places) and had to buy it. It's super tangy, yet has hints of chocolate and caramel. In other words, awesome. Try it on your next cheese tray.

Current favorite water= Canada Dry Lemon Lime. It's ridic.

P.S. did you have an amazing V Day? Kris got me a ton of colorful tulips that I'm all heart-eyes-emoji over, and we spent the WHOLE day together, a rarity in our world. I surprised him and made one his favorites- seafood mac and cheese. This is not just any mac, guys. Maybe I shall post the recipe someday. My mouth is watering thinking about it (as with most casserole-type dishes, the picture does it zero justice).


That's all I got folks! Happy Hump Day! Oh, this little lump has not left my side for the last few days and wants so much attention. What is the deal huh? Cat owners of the world, what gives?

<3 Rachelle