Work//Play//Day//Night: Faux Fur Vest

So I happen to be home sick today from work. Up sick all night + trying to work= bad combo. Thanks, food poisoning. But what I CAN do is lay in bed, watch TV and write blog posts!

I've been wanting to do a WPDN post about fur vests. Originally, I did not think they fit my style, then I bought one as part of a Halloween costume and really liked it. The problem with that vest was it was too long and shapeless on my frame. I sold it and got a more cropped style (for $11 from Ebay WHAAATTT!), which is the vest you see here.

I'm pretty surprised at how much I enjoy wearing this vest. I would love to pair it with a maxi dress for summer nights. As you can see in some pictures, it tends to stick out in the back (like a lot sometimes! Hah!) But the shorter version looks a lot better on me than the long styles that are popular right now. Goes to show you- not every trend works for everyone. Sticking to what makes you feel comfortable and flatters your figure is more important than being trendy!

Here is how I define Work//Play//Day//Night:

Work- Your job. Different jobs require different dress codes, but I believe all work wear should at least be professional and well put-together.

Play- Fun things. Outfits in this category should be appropriate for a weeknight dinner out or happy hour, or even a shower or casual party.

Day- The most laid-back. Something you could run a day of errands in.

Night- Date night clothes. You'd be comfortable going out to a fancier dinner or a classy bar in this.


I love this look for an office job. A simple, timeless black and white outfit makes the fur vest stand out. The striped turtleneck and booties are Old Navy, and the skirt is Forever21.


This is a fun, sorta boho look. The floaty, floral Jessica Simpson dress was on super sale at TJ Maxx awhile ago, but it's a size too big for me. The vest helps hide how loose the top is, and with the hat and Rocketdog boots it's perfect for a daytime event (I just noticed- EVERYTHING besides the vest here is from TJ Maxx!)


Buffalo plaid and fur- is there anything better, truly? This outfit is so stinkin' comfy. The shirt is a super soft Old Navy flanneI and the jeans are from Wet Seal, but my favorite piece is the boots- they were $5 at Target on clearance. I wear this general "outfit formula" a lot, just minus the fur, but the vest is a fun twist.


I wanted to do something different for this night look. I could have easily put the vest with a girly skirt and called it a day, but this vest gives me such awesome 70's vibes I wanted to play that up. I almost never wear flared or bootcut pants anymore, but these are super flattering. I added a loose Old Navy bow-print blouse, Jessica Simpson nude heels and a Forever21 long thin gold necklace. I am totally digging it and would for sure wear this on a night out.

I hope this post provides you with a little inspiration! <3- Rachelle