Outfit Inspiration: Casual Work Conference

It's Fridayyy!!!! What are y'all up to? Hopefully something cool. I'm watching movies and putting my feet up. Yes, writing that makes me feel old, and yes, It has been a heck of a week. The kind of week that makes your feet hurt.

I leave for a 3 day work conference on Monday. The hardest part of getting ready for a conference is of course, planning what to wear. My job is pretty casual and therefore no one gets TOO dressed up for conferences- but you still gotta look put together. I planned this outfit set around grey and blush (so the pieces can mix and match). I also have these exact items or very similar ones, so this set is a definite possibility for me to pack and wear. The only thing I am missing are some pretty pink flats. The $9,100 diamond studs, unfortunately, I do not have either, but if anyone's feeling generous... ;)

What do you pack for a work conference?