Make Ahead: Breakfast Burritos

I made you breakfast burritos for the week. They are warm and hearty and full of melty cheese and green chilies... you're welcome.

I confess, breakfast burritos are not my favorite breakfast. (WHAT!?) Yea, it's true. I'm a sweet breakfast person, not typically a savory gal. Gimme dat French toast with syrup or a smoothie... and maybe one solitary piece of bacon- for balance, of course- and I'm happy.

The thing is, Kris is a savory guy. He'll enjoy my sweet creations, and he's not opposed to a nice Belgian waffle, but he loves hashbrowns and sausage and cheese in the morning. Bonus points if it is all wrapped in a flour tortilla. See where we are going here?

The other day he expressed to me how wondrous it would be if we (translation: I) could make some breakfast burritos for him to take to work for breakfast. Challenge accepted.

There is really no right or wrong way to make a breakfast burrito. The criteria: do you like eating it for breakfast, and could you potentially wrap it in a tortilla? If so, it will probably work. Kris asked for crispy hashbrowns, sausage, bacon, and minimal egg with roughly a bucket of cheese. He didn't want any sauces or salsa in these because he adds it at work, but I added green chilies to the egg/cheese mix because, well, what isn't better with green chilies? Valid point, right?

These froze and reheated well according to Kris. Apparently the meat tended to fall out as you eat, but that's probably because my burrito-rolling skills need work. Does Chipotle take interns? And do they get free food?

<3 Rachelle


Breakfast burritos

Makes approx. 4 burritos

4 strips of bacon

6 breakfast sausage links

about 16 oz. hashbrowns (half a large bag)

3 eggs

Splash of milk

1 cup Monterey Jack cheese, shredded (or other melting cheese of choice)

1 small can diced green chilies

S & P to taste

In a large skillet, cook bacon and sausage over medium heat. Drain on paper towels; when cool enough to handle, crumble bacon and cut up sausage. Meanwhile, drain off bacon fat, leaving about 1 tablespoon. Cook hashbrowns over medium heat in a single layer, flipping when they are golden brown and crispy. Season with salt and pepper. Cook until they are crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Set aside on a plate. Meanwhile, beat eggs lightly with a splash of milk, salt and pepper. Add to skillet, and reduce heat to medium low. Gently move eggs around pan until they are very softly scrambled. When close to done, add green chilies and cheese. The eggs may seem to get very runny; cook until they are firm enough to hold up in the burrito. Lay out a tortilla on a large square of aluminum foil. Evenly divide and layer eggs, hashbrowns, then meats. Roll your burrito, then wrap in foil. Eat immediately, or freeze for later use.